Introducing Zencal Buddy

Your personal, human assistant helping your clients book with confidence. This unique service will add a professional, human touch to your scheduling process. The one it deserves!
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Your personal assistant

Buddy is a flas & bones personal assistant that help your client book, re-schedule and cancel the appointments. He knows Zencal in and out and can schedule the meetings for you.

Different curation channels

Buddy can lead the booking process end-to-end so that your client doesn't even know that Zencal exists under the hood. Or manage already scheduled meetings on phone, email, via text.

Personal onboarding

After you order Buddy service we will schedule a 45 minute onboarding call to discuss your curation needs and the way you want Buddy to interact with your clients.

Zencal Buddy® is a world-class human assistant helping your clients book with confidence.

Zencal Buddy is an unique addition to our scheduling tool. We understand that paid meetings sometimes require something more than a calendar link. That is why we hired world-class human assistants helping your clients convert and offering them love and care they deserve and expect from a professional like you. It’s just as hiring your own assistant for a fraction of the cost.

What buddy can offer for your business

ℹ️ Important to understand - Curations
Curation is a single person served for a single meeting, regardless of how many actions Buddy performs. For example, two meetings with 5 people requires 10 curations. Buddy can curate the entire process and initiate the contact just as your assistant would, or just operate on scheduled meetings to confirm and manage them. We count as a curation any person per meeting, who required any attention from Buddy. If for example 3 out of 5 people scheduled automatically, we will only count 2 curations.
Buddy subscription price
$99 per month billed anually (2 months free 🎉) and $129 billed monthly
Zencal paid plan
Included in Buddy subscription
Curations per month
20 (unused curations expire at the end of the month)
Extra single curation
$5 (if you declare that you want to continue curating)
Update your cancellation policy
English, Polish (if you need other language, state it in the form)
Billing support
No. Buddy will not issue or correct invoices etc. She will forward the requests to you

Ready to hire your personal assistant?
Please, fill in the form and we'll hook you up with a Buddy within 3 days. After an onboarding call you can make a final decision.
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Q & A

Here’s a bit more of what you might want to know.

Need more help?

✉️ email us at hello@zencal.io
💬 use the live chat in our app

What happens when I run out of curations

Buddy will notify you and ask you whether she should continue curating meetings at extra charge $5 per curation. You will also be able to set the subsequent limit. We will never charge you on curations without contacting you prior.

Is Buddy exclusive to me?

No, but it acts as if he is in front of your clients. Buddies usually serve several Zencal clients. That's why you can get assistant-grade help with fraction of a cost.

Will Buddy use my other tools?

No, Buddy will only use Zencal, email and phone (including Messenger or WhatsApp) and not any other tools like CRM. But you can easily integrate Zencal with the tools you use for automatic processing of the leads.

Can I change my Buddy?

Sure, no questions asked.
Just let us know and we'll make it happen.

Do I get Zencal account with Buddy?

Yes! You get full, paid Zencal subscription with your Buddy package. You can use it also for creating meetings that Buddy will not curate.

How do I tell Buddy which topics to curate?

You discuss it on your onboarding call. Buddy can curate some or all of your meeting topics, depending on your preferences.

Can I buy extra curations in advance?

Yes! You can buy an extra package of curations in one invoice so that we don't charge you extra at the end of every mont. Just get in touch with your Buddy and we'll get it sorted.

Can I downgrade or upgrade to Buddy?

Of course. You can do it anytime. Your existing Zencal account will remain as is with all the topics and schedules intact.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds after Buddy started your curations. But you DO NOT get charged up until you finish an onboarding call and decide whether you want to work with Buddy.