We can move from Calendly to Zencal and get refund if you're locked-in

APRIL 2024

Zencal vs. Calendly

Full disclaimer - we probably feel closer to our competition than anyone else. But there's something to our mission that's fundamentally different: we feel individuals hosting free meetings should benefit from free scheduling software. We focus our business on teams and paid meetings (that is also where we want to be best-in-class).

Paid Calendly plan is free here

No need to compare paid plans. What Calendly offers for $10 you will get on Zencal for free, and even more! This includes the team features, selling meetings and removing branding. Yes, they won't let you do it even for 10 bucks.

Focus pocus on paid meetings

Our mission is to create best experience for people who sell their meetings. That's why we focus to optimise conversions, support subscriptions and bundles and even let you hire a professional human assistant.

We help individual and teams

We get it. It's better to onboard a team of 1000 than 1000 individual customers. We feel Calendly focuses on bigger teams rather than individuals and smaller teams. We aim to help exactly those folks (and we can relate).

Zencal VS Calendly

Compare some features and Calendly pricing

Free plans
Our free plan is more than free Calendly. In short, what you have to pay $10 for Calendly, Zencal offers for free. And we didn't even stop there!
Connect to Google, Office 365, Outlook, Zoom
Calendar connections per person
In Zencal you can connect not only as many calendars as you want but also many different accounts. In Calendly it's only 1 connection.
Only 1
Meeting topics
Called active event types in Calendly. Those are different meeting types with individual links that you can send to participants.
Only 1
Remove branding
One-off meetings
Quickly create a link to the meeting and send it over to participants.
E-mail reminders and follow-ups
Text (SMS) reminders
Update your cancellation policy
Customize profile page & colors
Collect payments with Stripe
HubSpot and many other integrations
iOS and Android apps
Calendly for $10 vs. Zencal
Compared to Calendly's $10 plan, Zencal's equally priced plan has much more to offer.
Calendar connections per person
Have more than 2 calendars? Calendly will push you all the way to $15 plan while in Zencal you get unlimited calendars and accounts free.
Only 2
Custom e-mail reminders and follow-ups
HubSpot and many other integrations
Remove branding
In Zencal you can customise colors, fonts, add logo, create a beautiful profile landing page. In Calendly you won't even be able to remove their logo.
Want to connect Zapier or Make to create your own automations? In Zencal it's free, Calendly doesn't even offer it in $10 plan.
Team features
All team features are available in Zencal $10 plan but not in Calendly.
Collective events
Round robin events
Team access management
Automated workflows
Zencal unique features
Here are some unique Zencal features that Calendly does not even have in the paid plans.
Selling meetings in subscriptions
You can sell subscriptions to your meetings with Zencal, once your client gets automatically charged we will schedule meetings according to your availability and client's preferences.
Selling meetings in bundles
You can sell different variants of meetings, including bundles and promotions. Selling the meeting in a bundle will let your client schedule many meetings at once.
Live human assistant
Zencal Buddy is your world-class human assistant helping your clients book the meetings, re-schedule or cancel, and making sure clients get the care they deserve.
Profile pages for users and teams
With Zencal you can create a beautiful landing page with your images, custom fonts and colours, add photos and reviews. This might be the only page you'll ever need.
Calendar overlays for participants
Your clients can overlay their Google Calendar when scheduling so that they can easily pick up the slot that is convenient to both of you.
Teammate selection for users
If you work in a team, your clients can select the teammate they want to book a meeting with.
One view for all your calendar events
Zencal will display your calendar events (private to you) as well as meetings booked with the platform so that you can see all your activities in one place.
Automatic availability sync
Once someone is Zencal user and want to book a meeting with you, the schedule is automatically adjusted to respect his availability.
Plan days off and extra dates
With one click in Zencal you can define days off or add some extra dates to your availability.
Postpone, reschedule & cancellation policy
In Zencal there are some advanced options that you can tune in for the meeting, for example that people can re-schedule only 1 time, minimum 2 days in advance.

Already have annual Calendly plan locked in?We will carry out the migration and refund you for the remaining period if you opt for a paid Zencal plan.
Migration and refund

Sell meetings in bundles and subscriptions

Calendly offers a simple redirect to Stripe for one-off payments
Zencal lets you sell meetings in different variants and options, including subscriptions and packages
Multiple variants to choose from while booking

Create a beautiful landing page for your brand

Calendly doesn't offer this option and they won't even let you remove branding on $10 plan
In Zencal you will create beautiful, custom landing page with meetings, reviews, your brand logo and colors
Customizable profile page

All events in one place

Calendly doesn't offer such option
Zencal let's you display calendar view with all the events from your connected calendars and those booked with us
All your calendars in one place

Teammate selection while scheduling

Calendly doesn't offer such option
In Zencal your clients will be able to select exact person they want to meet with
Meeting and teammate selection