Zencal for Teams

Save +15% time in your team

Research shows that on average 15% of team time is lost managing meetings. It does not take into participation in the meeting, but the management itself, arranging and rescheduling the dates. This is an average of 30 minutes a day per employee. We will help you regain this time!


Hours per week

This is the average time for managing, arranging and rescheduling meetings to company employees, based on research in the IT sector.


Unproductive meetings

According to the employees, such a percentage of meetings is unproductive. It's even a dozen or so additional hours a month.


Meetings per week

On average, a manager in the IT industry holds 12 meetings a week, and an employee as many as 8. On average, sales representatives hold 19 meetings.

We’ve only been using Zencal for a short time, and it has already become an integral part of each of our campaigns. We value the platform for its ease of use, the ability to set up meetings quickly, the possibility to integrate with Zoom, the transparent billing system and the great customer service. Thanks to Zencal, our customers can quickly and easily make appointments with us, choosing the date and time that suits them best, as well as postpone or cancel them. Running sales campaigns has become easier and saved valuable time.

Joanna Zbylut
SDR @ PushPushGo

How PushPushGo
use Zencal?

PushPushGo is the fastest-growing Polish platform for creating, targeting and reporting the effectiveness of web push notifications. We enable our clients to send notifications to their recipients' desktops and mobile devices, even when they are currently browsing a different website. The speed of web push delivery is not limited by ad-blocking software or spam filters.

Thanks to an extensive API, marketing automation module and sustainable development, our platform provides comprehensive solutions for both SMEs and international corporations. We work with the world's largest companies from various industries, such as Pandora, McDonald's or T-mobile. As a company operating in the European Union, PushPushGo was built in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. Our most recognizable trademark is the full support of each client from the very beginning of cooperation, provided by our reliable Customer Service.