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Zencal is an innovative app for managing paid meetings and optimising teams. Zencal enables sales and meeting management by providing tools that increase efficiency and revenue. Ideal for businesses and professionals who want to harness the potential of digital tools to maximise their sales and productivity.

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Zencal is an advanced paid meeting and team performance management application. Our solution combines meeting sales functionality with intuitive calendar management, providing seamless integration and automation.

With Zencal, companies can not only save time but also significantly increase their revenue by using the tools to effectively schedule and sell meetings. Ideal for organisations seeking to increase productivity and revenue by optimising sales processes and time management.

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Zencal is The Zencal app is a thoughtful combination of technology and innovation for optimising the management of paid meetings and teams. This advanced platform offers a range of functionalities that not only streamline sales and meeting planning processes, but also significantly increase revenue.

Key functionalities:

Automated Meeting Scheduling: Zencal automatically co-ordinates meetings, matching the availability of participants, eliminating the need for multiple email exchanges to arrange a date.

Integration with Payment Systems: Integrated payment solutions such as PayPal or Stripe enable easy and secure transactions directly through the platform.

Calendar management: Zencal syncs with popular digital calendars, such as Google Calendar, iCloud and Outlook, for seamless management of meeting schedules.

Personalisation of Accessibility: Users can customise their availability preferences by setting optimal times and days for meetings.

Meeting Sales Tools: Functions such as creating personalised landing pages for meetings, special offers and promotional codes to help increase sales and engage customers.

Analytics and Reporting: Advanced analytical tools allow you to track meeting performance, sales conversions and overall customer engagement.

Integration with Marketing Tools: Ability to integrate with marketing and CRM platforms to better understand customers and their needs.

Reminders and Notifications: Automatic reminders of upcoming meetings for both organisers and participants, minimising the risk of absence.

Interface customisation: Customisable platform design, including the addition of a company logo, which increases brand recognition and builds a professional image.

Support for Multilingualism: Available in a variety of languages to enable global reach and service an international clientele.

With these features, Zencal helps teams work more efficiently, minimising the time required to organise and manage meetings, and maximising the effectiveness of sales and customer communications.

Ideal for companies and professionals seeking to maximise productivity and revenue in a dynamic business environment.