How do we compare?

vs. Calendly

Who doesn't love such comparisons? The ones who lose them! 😅
Dad jokes aside, you ask us about this a lot, so here it goes. Full disclaimer - we probably feel closer to our competition than anyone else. We're productivity freaks, too. But there's something important to our mission that's fundamentally different. We feel that individuals and small teams should benefit from free scheduling software. So how do we earn? We aim to focus our business goals on bigger companies and enterprises. That's about it.

How do we compare?

calendly (Free)
iOS, and Android apps
Webex, Intercom and Slack integration
Connect to Google, Office 365, Outlook, Zoom
Calendar connections per person
Only 1
∞ Unlimited
Active event types
Only 1
∞ Unlimited
Email reminders and follow-ups
Text reminders and follow-ups
Running late notifications
Update your cancellation policy
Add and manage teams
Meeting statistics
Collect payments with Stripe
Advanced scheduling policy
Onboarding and implementation

Let your clients
choose the teammate

Calendly creates link only for one person's calendar
Zencal display all teammates while scheduling
Participant can select the right person

Calendar overlay
for participants

Calendly doesn't allow for calendar overlays
Zencal lets participants quickly connect their calendar and respects their availability (without creating the account). If the user is logged in, their availability is automatically synced!

Every calendar
in one place

Calendly doesn't show your calendar events
Zencal allows you to overlay all connected calendars in one view as well as you can manage your scheduled meetings there

Automatic sync
for Zencal users

Calendly doesn't sync other users' avaliability when scheduling
If you create a meeting in Zencal and invite an email that shares their availability with us - we'll automatically suggest appropriate meeting times respecting the availability of both of you

Quickly plan
days off and extra dates

Calendly has this option hidden deep in the meeting UI
Zencal let's you quickly add some extra days or plan vacations

Profile page
and team page

Calendly doesn't offer a profile page with different meeting subjects
Zencal will generate a profile page that people can use to book different topics. Teams has this page, too, with all the team topics

Postpone, reschedule
& cancellation policy

Calendly does not let you specify some advanced options
Zencal let's you specify how much time before the meeting people can cancel or how many times they can reschedule

Send text messages
whenever you want

Calendly doesn't let you set custom notifications in free plan
In Zencal you can send e-mail and SMS notifications within specific rules that you set. All free of charge!

Whitelabel & embed
your calendar

Calendly has this option but only lets you add advanced customization in paid plans
Zencal let's you quickly embed scheduling page on your website

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