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RODO, compliance and privacy taken seriously

Zencal is hosted in the European Union, providing all the tools you need for compliance. Your data is securely processed in the EU and we have many mechanisms in place, such as cookie management, as well as a deletion process. Along with the privacy policy, we offer a data processing annex for Europe, the UK and the rest of the world.

zencal api

Did we mention that we love developers? We have created APIs and webhooks that you can use with Zapier to extend our integrations.

We are developers and we care about the process. The API docs for Zencal are simple but powerful. You can easily generate one-time links and manage background meetings. We especially care about no- and low-code developers using and Zapier. Webhooks provide just-in-time notifications that you can use to automate and forward to other applications.

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Q & A

Here's a little more information you should know.

Can I embed Zencal on my website?

Of course! We have a built-in embedding and pop-up option. You can also customize the styles for your brand! Alternatively - set up a beautiful landing page in Zencal and add more information, including reviews and images.

Can I set custom availability?

Yes. You can set multiple availability templates for your work, hobbies, consultations and more, and pair appropriate schedules with meeting topics.

What if I'm already using other tools?

We will seamlessly migrate your schedules to Zencal. If you want to request a migration, please write to us. Also, you will keep your existing tool in case you just want to try out Zencal and decide to move later.

Can I cancel at any time?

Of course, no questions asked. We can also reimburse you for the last period if you have not scheduled any appointments with Zencal during that time.

Is Zencal free?

For 14 days after registration, we provide the Zencal Pro version, which has all available features for one user. After this period, you can decide if you want to stay Pro or if the Basic version is sufficient for you. For more information on the Basic <-> Pro comparison, click here.

How does it compare to other tools?

We built Zencal specifically for people who sell meetings and want to maximize conversions. Our main goal is for our clients to earn more and offer excellent service. That's why we offer generous free plans that you have to pay for in other tools.

Can I remove the Zencal branding?

Yes! You can easily remove Zencal's branding from the planning pages and add your own logo - even in the free plan.

How to generate a link?

It's really simple. All you need to do is set up an accessibility template and a meeting theme. Everything will be ready in less than 5 minutes. Later you can copy the link to the calendar and send it to your guests.