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Yearly plan 2 months free

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billed annually
All Zencal features for individuals hosting free meetings. Even more than in Calendly $10 plan.



billed annually
If you sell your meetings or need to automate — here’s the deal.More than in $20 plans elswhere.



billed annually
If you are Pro to the point of having a team.
This is the perfect choice for you.

Core functions




Number of meetings
You can host unlimited number of meetings in any plan.
Number of topics
Topics are different meetings types that you can define. For example "Sales call" and "Paid consultation". You get an unique link to and can modify their options.
Connected calendars
This includes multiple Google, Outlook and iCloud Calendars. You can connect many of each type, too. Teams and Google Meet gets automatically set-up as meeting place once connected.
Hosted profile page
Beautiful landing page with your meeting topics listing, prices, descriptions and photos as well as reviews. You can style it to your brand.
Multiple integrations, listed below. For example Zoom and Stripe.
Embed & pop-up
You can embed your calendar on any page in an iFrame or as a pop-up window.
Sent when meetings get booked, cancelled or rescheduled. You can receive it with Zapier or Make and create custom automations.
Paid meetings
Charging for your meetings usng various integrations. Bundles, subscriptions and more.
Team features
Ability to add your teammates and sync their calendards, create team topics, round robin meetings and more.

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Email notifications
Confirmation emails on scheduling, rescheduling and cancellations as well as payments and subscriptions in paid plans.
Custom emails
Custom messages you can define as automations for example 30 min before or 1 day after the meeting.
SMS messages
Custom messages you can send with automations for example 10 minutes before the meeting or when you're running late.
$13 / 150 SMS
$13 / 150 SMS
$13 / 150 SMS
Google Cal overlay
Attendees can easily overlay their Google Calendar to see only the slots when you're both available.
Manual meetings
Create custom one time meetings and meeting links easily.
One-time meeting links
Generate one-time meeting links and calendar links (also via API in paid plan)
Social media kit
Add descriptions and OG images for sharing your calendars on social media.
Zoom integration
Webex integration
Google Cal integration
Outlook integration
iCloud integration
Woodpecker integration
HubSpot integration
Selling in packages
You can sell multiple meetings in one checkout allowing clients to pick up the time they prefer and book in advance.
Selling in subscriptions
Sell meetings in subscriptions. Zencal will automatically schedule next meetings while renewing, respecting your availability and user preferences.
Selling meetings series
Schedule a whole series of meetings. Zencal will make sure that each one is paid for by the client.
Managing team
Adding teammates, creating multiple, project-based teams, team topics and integrations and more!
Round robin
Quickly sync your teams calendars in one booking page for external or internal meetings.
Team meetings
Easily set up internal meetings respecting availability of all members. Define hosts, guest and mandatory participants.
Custom team page
Beautiful custom page with your brand identity listing all of the meetings.
Fakturownia integration
inFakt integration
iFirma integration
Stripe integration
tPay integration
Easy_ integration
Przelewy24 integration
PayU integration
PayPal integration
API access for custom, advanced integrations and more.
Priority email support
We'll handle your request in 24 hours or less.
Live chat support
Consultants available on chat 9-5 and founders often afterhours 😉
Personal onboarding
Onboarding call with your Buddy on how to handle your clients and other important things.
Greg Rog

"I moved all my projects and teams to Zencal, after using Calendly for years. Thanks to the team features, we can quickly sync our project's calendars. We even started selling paid consultations, which resulted in an unexpected boost for our business."

Greg Rog, easy_

How we compare to Calendly?

We get that question a lot, so: Our free plan offers even more than Calendly's $10 plan. And in our paid plans we have features dedicated for professionals Calendly just can't match, such as human assistant booking meetings or selling subscriptions and bundles. We can easily migrate you.
Calendly for $10 vs. Zencal Pro
Compared to Calendly's $10 plan, Zencal's equally priced plan has much more to offer.
Calendar connections per person
Have more than 2 calendars? Calendly will push you all the way to $15 plan while in Zencal you get unlimited calendars and accounts free.
Only 2
Custom e-mail reminders and follow-ups
HubSpot and many other integrations
Remove branding
In Zencal you can customise colors, fonts, add logo, create a beautiful profile landing page. In Calendly you won't even be able to remove their logo.
Want to connect Zapier or Make to create your own automations? In Zencal it's free, Calendly doesn't even offer it in $10 plan.
Team features
All team features are available in Zencal $10 plan but not in Calendly.
Collective events
Round robin events
Team access management
Automated workflows
Zencal unique features
Here are some unique Zencal features that Calendly does not even have in the paid plans.
Selling meetings in subscriptions
You can sell subscriptions to your meetings with Zencal, once your client gets automatically charged we will schedule meetings according to your availability and client's preferences.
Selling meetings in bundles
You can sell different variants of meetings, including bundles and promotions. Selling the meeting in a bundle will let your client schedule many meetings at once.
Profile pages for users and teams
With Zencal you can create a beautiful landing page with your images, custom fonts and colours, add photos and reviews. This might be the only page you'll ever need.
Calendar overlays for participants
Your clients can overlay their Google Calendar when scheduling so that they can easily pick up the slot that is convenient to both of you.
Teammate selection for users
If you work in a team, your clients can select the teammate they want to book a meeting with.
One view for all your calendar events
Zencal will display your calendar events (private to you) as well as meetings booked with the platform so that you can see all your activities in one place.
Automatic availability sync
Once someone is Zencal user and want to book a meeting with you, the schedule is automatically adjusted to respect his availability.
Plan days off and extra dates
With one click in Zencal you can define days off or add some extra dates to your availability.
Postpone, reschedule & cancellation policy
In Zencal there are some advanced options that you can tune in for the meeting, for example that people can re-schedule only 1 time, minimum 2 days in advance.

Already have annual Calendly plan locked in?We will carry out the migration and refund you for the remaining period if you opt for a paid Zencal plan.
Migration and refund

"Automation House is running paid consultations we call automation discovery with Zencal. It helps our team book external meetings with ease. It's a game-changer for anyone who wants to take control of their time and achieve more."

Luke Kuchna, Automation House
Luke Kuchna

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