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    Unlimited free meetings
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    Google Calendar integration
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    Office 365 & Outlook integration
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    HubSpot integration
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    Zoom integration
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    Woodpecker integration
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    ClickMeeting integration
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Paid meetings
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    All features from "everyone" plan
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    Unlimited paid meetings
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    Payment gateways integration
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    Accountant systems integration
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    Rescheduling meetings
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    Scheduling in advance
Run paid meetings
Zencal for teams
monthly per active user
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    All features from all plans
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    Create and manage teams
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    Manage teammates
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    Team's subjects
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    Co-hosts and guests
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    Meetings analytics
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In Case You’re Still Wondering

Each plan includes:


Secure and fully confidential

We take care of security of your data. We also ensure their full confidentiality.

GDPR compliance

We meet all the standards required by the provisions of the GDPR.

We are constantly developing

We add new functionalities and listen to the needs of our users.

How does the 14-day trial work?

You can use all features included in the team plan. If you want to add some co-workers feel free. After 14 days we will calculate your price for the account.

Do I need to give you my credit card?

During the trial period, you don't need to give us any data. Payment information is required only for paid accounts.

How is Meetendly different from Calendly?

There are many differences between us. Just take a look on our article where we describe some of them. You can read it here.

What if I need extra features?

Just let us know your needs. Remember that we create Meetendly for people. We really want to know about every you need and where we can help.

Do you charge commission?

No! If you want to sell your services using Meetendly you just need to enable the payment gateway in the integration pane. We don't charge any commission for paid meetings.