Little things that make a big difference

Let's make scheduling process invisible thanks to our features and at the same time give you options to refine the schedule so that you get total control of your time.

Check out this 6 hot features

Sell meetings in subscriptions

Multiple purchasing options let you sell meetings in bundles and subscriptions. Zencal is smart enough to re-schedule the meetings on renewal.

Style your landing page

Create a beautiful landing page for your meetings and customise it to fit your brand. This might be the only landing page you'll ever need.

Calendar overlay for guests

Your guest can easily connect their Google Calendar to see only the slots matching your availability.

Beautiful, customisable embeds

You can embed the calendar on your website with just a few lines of code, as a pop-up or part of your website experience.

Automating notifications

It's really easy to create new e-mail or text message notifications for your meetings. And this really helps in conversions.

Unlimited calendars and meetings

Even our free plan offers unlimited calendar connections, meeting topics and schedules. You can easily merge different calendars as one.

Some of our best features

Explore some of the most useful features that helped our users host over 10.000 meetings. From custom landing pages and multiple variants for your paid meetings, to a live assistant helping your clients feel confident. Our features are your superpowers for efficient and invisible scheduling.

The only landing page you will ever need for booking

We will host the landing page that people can use to book the meetings with you. You can customise it with your logo and brand colours, add testimonials and much more!
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Customizable profile page

Multiple variants to choose from while booking

You can define different variants for your users convenience. For example, they can book an individual session or choose to buy a bundle or even subscription.
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Multiple variants to choose from while booking

Calendar overlay and automatic sync

We allow for a private calendar sync before booking so that the available slots respect the attendee schedule. And if one is logged in to Zencal we'll overlay it automatically.
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Calendar overlay and automatic sync

Zencal Buddy is a professional meeting host

With Zencal Buddy you can rest assured thet your attendees feel confident and professionally served in the scheduling process. It's a live human assistant for a fraction of a cost.
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Professional meeting host

Round robin meetings and teammate selection

You can invite attendees to a meeting where they can either select a teammate they want to meet with or prioritise the time slot regardless of the host.
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Meeting and teammate selection

All your calendars, together

We will host the landing page that people can use to book the meetings with you. You can customise it with your logo and brand colours, add testimonials and much more!
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All your calendars in one place

Calendar and video integrations

Once you connect your Google or Microsoft account we will automatically ad an option to create Teams or Meet meeting rooms for your guest. You can add Zoom, too!
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Payments and subscriptions

Connect to Stripe or easy_ for fast and efficient automated payments and use multiple variants, bundles and subscriptions to turn your meetings into earnings!
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Features index

Topics are different meetings types that you can define. For example "Sales call" and "Paid consultation". You get an unique link to and can modify their options.
You can host unlimited number of meetings in any plan.
Connected calendars
This includes multiple Google, Outlook and iCloud Calendars. You can connect many of each type, too. Teams and Google Meet gets automatically set-up as meeting place once connected.
Beautiful landing page with your meeting topics listing, prices, descriptions and photos as well as reviews. You can style it to your brand.
Hosted profile page
Multiple integrations, listed below. For example Zoom and Stripe.
You can embed your calendar on any page in an iFrame or as a pop-up window.
Embed & pop-up
Sent when meetings get booked, cancelled or rescheduled. You can receive it with Zapier or Make and create custom automations.
Charging for your meetings usng various integrations. Bundles, subscriptions and more.
Ability to add your teammates and sync their calendards, create team topics, round robin meetings and more.
Zencal Buddy is a word-class human assistant helping you book and reschedule meetings.
Custom messages you can define as automations for example 30 min before or 1 day after the meeting.
Custom messages you can define as automations for example 30 min before or 1 day after the meeting.
Paid meetings
Custom messages you can send with automations for example 10 minutes before the meeting or when you're running late.
Attendees can easily overlay their Google Calendar to see only the slots when you're both available.
Team features
Create custom one time meetings and meeting links easily.
Generate one-time meeting links and calendar links (also via API in paid plan)
Human assistant
You can sell multiple meetings in one checkout allowing clients to pick up the time they prefer and book in advance.
Email notifications
SMS messages
Custom emails
Google Cal overlay
Manual meetings
One-time meeting links
Social media kit
Selling events & classes
Selling in packages
Selling in subscriptions
Managing team
Round robin
Team meetings
Custom team page
Live chat support
Add descriptions and OG images for sharing your calendars on social media.
Sell meetings in subscriptions. Zencal will automatically schedule next meetings while renewing, respecting your availability and user preferences.
This allows setting up available spots for one meeting slot. For example 20 people can book the same hour.
Adding teammates, creating multiple, project-based teams, team topics and integrations and more!
Easily set up internal meetings respecting availability of all members. Define hosts, guest and mandatory participants.
Quickly sync your teams calendars in one booking page for external or internal meetings.
Beautiful custom page with your brand identity listing all of the meetings.
Priority email support
API access for custom, advanced integrations and more.
We'll handle your request in 24 hours or less.
Consultants available on chat 9-5 and founders often afterhours 😉
Phone support
Personal onboarding
Your Buddy available in the hours you agree on during the onboarding call.
Buddy support
Extra curations
Onboarding call with your Buddy on how to handle your clients and other important things.
Buddy will help your clients book, contact them via e-mail or phone, book on their behalf and more!
Curation is a single person served for a single meeting, regardless of how many actions Buddy performs. More on Buddy pages.