zencal partner story

"In a chaotic but beautiful structure of a startup Zencal brings a reassuring calm to the team, helping avoid double booking and easily sync team's schedule."

Greg Rog, co-founder of easy_
Greg Rog

Startup onboarding on autopilot!

During the onboarding process, Zencal can make it a breeze to schedule meetings and training sessions with new clients. Instead of spending time on back-and-forth emails or phone calls, team members can simply input their availability and preferences, and Zencal will do the rest.

We discovered that offering an onboarding call CTA at the bottom of our website, linking to Zencal's round robin meeting has been a great source of growth and valuable feedback for our startup.

Zencal help with finding product-market fit by allowing startups to easily schedule and manage cstomer interviews, focus groups, and other user feedback sessios. By automating this process, the team can focus on gathering valuable insights and iterating on their product, rather than getting bogged down in logistics.

Moreover, Zencal can help startups stay organized and efficient by providing a centralized calendar for all team members.

In a chaotic but beautiful structure of a startup Zencal brings a reassuring calm to the team, helping avoid double booking and easily sync team's schedule.

Finally, Zencal can also help startups track important metrics, such as the number of customer interviews conducted, the time spent on onboarding activities, or the overall satisfaction of new hires. By having access to this data, easy_ can make informed decisions about how to improve their processes and better align their product with the needs of their target market.

We have asked Greg some additional questions, here are the answers:

What does your business do?

Easy_ empowers you to sell more products and automate daunting tasks that keep you from building. We make software that makes it easy to sell digital products online and offer multiple small tools helping you earn more by boosting conversion rates. We’re on a mission to enable people to perform at their best and earn more thanks to technology.

Why scheduling plays an important role in your business?

To be honest we did not know that! And we're really happy to find out it does play a huge role in startup's product and market discovery! It has probably been the best performing growth hack we've implemented for our business - just placing an onboarding call CTA on the bottom of each page.

Why you decided to use Zencal?

Zencal has been recommended by a friend and since we've started using it in easy_ I kept getting closer to the tool and founder, Wojtek, finally to create a partnership together. I use Zencal in all my projects now and find it the best solution for a few reasons: it's free for most use cases, it has great conversion rates for meetings attendance (thanks to notifications) and it let's us get clients onboarded in a professional manner.

Who would you recommend using Zencal?

I can easily recommend Zencal to any business! In some areas it's crucial to get some intel and as a startup founder I know that the best source of information is your users. Although I love async work, this is simply something that has to be done on the meeting, when you can see the reaction, ask follow up questions etc. Zencal is a great choice for startups but also any company that is curious about how they're doing in the eyes of their clients.

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