zencal partner story

"Zencal has made it so easy for me to schedule visits and manage patients. Having a human assistant has been not only extra hands but also a great advantage for my dietitian practice."

Mgr Paulina Róg, clinic dietitian
Paulina Róg

Dietitian practice, automated!

Scheduling is a demanding part for solo dietitians as well as bigger clinics. Booking patients, rescheduling and cancellations can consume a lot of time and resources. There are smart features in Zencal that help Paulina streamline the process:

"Zencal really helps me with two important settings: being able to lock next-day booking, so that my schedule doesn't become hectic as well as allow my patients to re-schedule only once."

Paulina uses Zencal in her practice not only to book patients with confidence, but also to take payments in advanced.

"Taking payments with Zencal is so convenient. I just stopped worrying about billing and payments entirely. I know that when patient appears in my practice, the appointment is already paid!"

Also, she uses Zencal Buddy as her personal assistant so that patients feel just as if they use the services in professional clinic.

Having Asia as Zencal Buddy has been a great upgrade to my everyday work. I don't have to worry about the booking process and Joasia takes great care of my clients. She also helps me move the schedules so that I use my time more effectively and don't have long brakes at work.

We have asked Paulina some additional questions, here are the answers:

What does your business do?

I have a private dietitian practice focused od pregnancy and getting in shape after birth. I usually schedule patients remotely and thanks to this I work with clients all over the world. I also have my own small clinic where I take appoitments.

Why scheduling plays an important role in your business?

As you might suspect scheduling is one of the most important things in my business. It's not always an easy task. Often times the schedule moves, patients re-schedule visits and it can all get very tiring when you try to answer the calls on your own. Yet it's a really important part of the process and people are happy if they're getting as much professional care during the process, as on the visit itself! 

Why you decided to use Zencal?

For a long time I've been serving my clients on my own. I felt this is really important so that they get my attention on every step of the process. Then I hired an assistant, but the costs were overwhelming for a 1 person business. Then my friend running a clinic recommended me Zencal and I immediately set up my calendar and started sending links to my clients. It worked!

Who would you recommend using Zencal?

I can speak for myself but I think every dietitian, doctor or health care freelancer could benefit greatly from a tool like Zencal! I already recommended it to few of my colleagues and now they can't live without it!

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