Zencal University

Automatic form filling

If you collect data from the customer before redirecting them to Zencal, such as:

  • name
  • email
  • phone

then you can auto-complete this data to save the customer time in re-entering it in our form.

To do this, you can use so-called GET parameters, in other words, add them to the address of the planning page.


If the planning page address looks like this:


Then you can add the following parameters to it:

  • prefill_name
  • prefill_email
  • prefill_phone

For example data:

The address of the planning site would be as follows

https://app.zencal.io/o/zencal/example?prefill_name=John Smith&prefill_email=john@smith.com&prefill_phone=+43100200300