Zencal University

Zoom Integration

How to add Zoom to Zencal

You can add Zoom to your Zencal account in two different ways, using integration page in Zencal or by clicking a button on Zoom App Marketplace. When you are in Zencal you can go through thees steps to enable Zoom on your account:

  1. Go to the integration page
  2. If you use Zencal as single-user it's here
  3. If you use Zencal for your team go to the integrations tab → Video in your team’s page
  4. Click connect button and go through Zoom integration process
  5. When the integration process will be completed you will be redirected back to the Zencal

How Zoom integration works

After you activate the integration with Zoom you can set a meeting place on Meeting Topics → Meeting topic form page. When you choose Zoom as a meeting place whenever when someone will schedule a meeting with you (on this specific topic) Zencal will automatically create a Zoom event with the virtual conference. A link to the Zoom conference will be sent via email to you and all participants.

If you use Zencal for Teams and you have enabled integration with Zoom for your team we will help you manage your teammates. Whenever you add new teammates to your Zencal team we will create an account for them in your Zoom account. Every added teammate will receive an invitation email from Zoom. After the teammate will confirm the invitation he will be visible on your user's list in the Zoom account.

How to disable Zoom integration

To disable Zoom integration just click a “Disable” button on the integration page in Zencal. Depending on whether you use Zencal as a single-user or team it will be a different page. You will find it in the same place where you were enabling the integration.

If you want to permanently disconnect Zencal from your Zoom account:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage > Added Apps or search for the Zencal app.
  3. Click the ‘Remove’ button.”

Zoom integration scopes

We use several Zoom API scopes that you need to approve within integration process. This is a list of thees scopes with explanation how we use it.

View all user meetings

When you use Zencal as a single user (not team admin/member) we need your permission to get information about your scheduled meetings in Zoom. This is how we can avoid meetings overlapping.

View and manage all user meetings

When someone schedules a meeting with you we need this permission to create a meeting in your Zoom account. Furthermore, a link to Zoom's room that we get we will send to all participants.

View all user information

Everyone can create a team in Zencal. We need this permission to check which one of your teammates is not assigned to your Zoom account when you create a new teammate in your Zencal team. If new teammate is not assigned to your Zoom account we will assign him automatically after he accept the invitation to Zencal team.

View users information and manage users

When someone wants to schedule a meeting with one of your teammates we need this permission to check meetings overlapping to avoid it.