Zencal University

Custom your booking policy

We know that our users’ services may require an individual approach. That is why we allow you to set your own rules for canceling and postponing meetings.

Postpone meetings

Rules for postponing appointments can be set individually for each topic. To do this, enter the topic form and set:

  • Is it possible for the participant to postpone the meetings?
  • How much time before the meeting can the participant postpone the meeting
  • How many times can a participant postpone the meeting

If you do not want to postpone the meeting, turn this option off. By clicking on the switch.

After setting a minimum time limit before the meeting, you prevent participants from postponing them at unexpected moments.

If you want, you can set a limit on the number of postponements of the meeting. When the participant runs out of this amount, he will be informed about it on a special page.

Canceling meetings

You can also find the rules for canceling meetings in the topic edit form. You can set how much time before the meeting the participant can cancel the meeting.

You can also disable this option by clicking the switch visible in the form.