Zencal University

Fakturownia Integration

<p>How to integrate Fakturownia system to automate invoicing</p>

Integration with Fakturownia may look difficult but don’t worry in this article we will go through every step of it.

At first, let's define what you need to get from your Fakturownia account:

  • Fakturownia domain
  • Fakturownia Api key

In the below images you can see where you can find these informations.

!Important! Fakturownia domain is the part of the marked URL. For example URL https://zencal.fakturownia.pl/invoices.json?period=this_month&api_token=ABC

the domain is zencal

After you paste Fakturownia API key you will be able to set your accounting information which is necessary for Zencal to create invoices properly.