Zencal University


I'm sure that you use different tools for your business. Maybe you love use discord. Maybe you use make.com to integrate many apps. Zencal gives you opportunity to integrate your tools using webhooks.

Single user

You can configure your webhooks in "Integration" tab. We provide 3 webhooks which we send when:

  1. Meeting is scheduled
  2. Meeting is rescheduled
  3. Meeting is cancelled

For every webhook we send POST request to URL that you provide. We use header Content-Type: application/json and we send data in the following structrue:

Fields a, b, c are sample fields that would be sent when a customer schedule a meeting within a link with the query string data.

Field Default value When we send
event - always
date.start - always
date.end - always
meetingUuid - always
meetingDate (deprecated) - always
attendeeName - always
attendeeEmail - always
attendeePhone empty string always
subject - always
place - always
query_params empty string always
note empty string always
price 0 always
team - When meeting was scheduled for team
host.name - When host is defined
host.email - When host is defined
payment_link - Only for paid meetings
reschedule_link - Only when rescheduling is enabled
cancel_link - Only when cancelation is enabled
group - always
form - Only when custom form was created and filled


For every team, you can define different webhooks' URLs. You can do that in the Team tab -> Webhooks

Webhooks for teams works the same as for single user.