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Meeting topics

What the meeting topics are

The meeting topic describes the terms of your future meetings. You can create many meeting topics with different terms for each of them. Use it to create for example paid consultations and free 15 min. meeting to meet your client. Relations are very important in every business, don’t forget it. Use your time to make them strong.

After you create the meeting topic you will get a unique link to the scheduling page which you can send to your clients or use on your website or email campaign.

Show me what you got inside

Every meeting topic may have a different price, place even schedule, and notifications. Feel free to define it just as you want to.

Paid meetings

If you want to sell meetings, you need to create a meeting topic with a defined price. To do this, make sure you have **at least one payment gateway integrated**. You can do it in the “Integrations” module. Then go to the meeting topic form, switch the “Paid meeting” option, and set the price and currency.

People who will visit the scheduling page will be able to pay using the payment gateway that you have integrated into your account.

Free meetings

You can also create a free meeting topic. Just keep the “Paid meeting” option off. The meeting will be confirmed automatically. Furthermore, for free meetings, you can use the “Require email confirmation” option. When you switch it on your client will have to confirm the meeting by clicking the confirmation link sent to him via mail.

Cancelation & reschedule policy

You can set your own cancelation and reschedule policy. Of course, these options can be defined differently for each meeting topic. Adjust these options to your business.

If you want you can disable these options. It means that in system notifications we will not send links to these actions to your clients.

Custom notifications

For every confirmed meeting we send a few system emails, but you can define your own if you wish. Notifications can be created for each meeting topic independently. Use email or SMS messages to automate communication with your clients. Don’t forget to make a little personalization. You can use the first and last name or date of the meeting.