Zencal University

Meeting status

Meetings visible in the Zencal calendar make the meeting time unavailable. We divide meetings in the calendar into 2 categories:

• Created (no background, only a border)

• Confirmed (have a colored background)

The moment of confirming a meeting varies depending on the type of meeting.

For free meetings:

If the option “Require email confirmation” is selected in the meeting topic settings (Meeting Topics -> Edit)

  1. Then, after a client books a time, the meeting is in “Created” status.
  2. An email is sent to the client with a link to confirm the meeting; when the client clicks the link, the meeting changes status to “Confirmed.”

If the “Require email confirmation” option is not selected, the meeting is confirmed immediately after its creation, i.e., when the client books the time.

For paid meetings:

When the client chooses a date and proceeds to payment, the meeting is in “Created” status.

The meeting is automatically confirmed when the payment gateway notifies Zencal that the money has been transferred. At this point, the meeting is automatically “Confirmed.”

Additionally, it is important to check if the “Automatic payment rejection” option is enabled in the payment settings (Meeting Topics -> Edit -> Payment Variants):

  1. If this option is enabled, meetings that are not paid after the chosen deadline (60 min / 90 min / 120 min) are automatically rejected, and the time slot becomes available to other clients.
  2. If this option is disabled, in case of non-payment, the meeting will remain forever in “Created” status, occupying an available slot.

Manual confirmation:

In Zencal, it is possible to manually confirm both payment and the meeting. To do this, go to a specific meeting in the Zencal calendar.

By clicking the “Confirm payment” button:

  1. ❌ The meeting is not confirmed. System emails are also not sent, and messages defined in the meeting topic settings (Meeting Topics -> Edit -> Notifications) are not scheduled.
  2. ✅ The payment for the meeting is confirmed. If integration with the accounting system is enabled, Zencal will send the payment information to it and issue an accounting document (invoice / bill).

By clicking the “Confirm meeting” button:

  1. ❌ Payment is not confirmed, so an invoice is not issued in case of integration with the accounting system.
  2. ✅ The meeting is confirmed. System emails are also sent, and messages defined in the meeting topic settings (Meeting Topics -> Edit -> Notifications) are scheduled to be sent.