Zencal University

Integrate your old calendars

<p>How to integrate Google/Outlook calendars and how it works</p>

Connect to your calendar

If you use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar as your main calendar, you can easily integrate it with Zencal. Integration is two-way. What does it mean?

Zencal two-way integration

When you connect Google/Outlook account with Zencal, you can choose which calendars (you can choose many) Zencal should use to calculate your availability. After that, we will display all events from these calendars in Zencal calendar (visible only to you) and we will use these meetings to display available dates to your clients.

When someone will schedule a meeting with you we will put this meeting on your Google/Outlook primary calendar to make sure that you don't miss it.

Choose calendars to sync

Once you have Google/Outlook account integrated, just click “Settings” button on the "Integration” page. After clicking, a window will appear where you can select your calendars to sync them.